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Charges for Services

Musculoskeletal Foot and Ankle Assessment:  £57.00

This fee includes charges for clinical assessment, advice regarding activities and footwear, together with formulation of a prescription for foot orthoses if indicated.

Prescription Foot Orthoses:  £140.00

This fee includes charges for the supply of one pair of foot orthoses custom-made for the individual. The final finish of the orthoses will be agreed at assessment and will be appropriate for the style and fit of the footwear brought to the appointment.


Typically the orthoses will be supplied within 7 days.


Additional pairs of orthoses, ordered at the time of assessment or within one month will be supplied at a reduced rate. Please enquire for charges.


All orthoses are guarantee against failure and to remain effective for a minimum of 12 months, replacement or rectification will be carried out free of charge. Most orthoses last significantly longer than this time.

Gait Assessment:  £57.00

This fee includes charges for physical foot and ankle examination, assessment of body and foot posture whilst standing, observation and slow motion video recording of walking and if necessary running treadmill gait.  


The observations and findings will be discussed, advice and recommendations will be given. You will receive a detailed written report of the findings.

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