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Prescription Foot Orthoses

Why might these be useful?


A prescription for your orthoses will be formulated from the information obtained during your clinical assessment. These will provide the correct degree of support, correction of foot posture and cushioning depending on your symptoms, the underling cause and the activities that you will be undertaking.  

What is involved?


Your orthoses will be designed to fit into and work with your current style of footwear so it is important to have these available at your assessment.  Once used in your current shoes, boots or sports footwear, you will be able to transfer your orthoses into other footwear of a similar style and fit. 


Who will manufacture the orthoses?


All supplied orthoses are made specifically for the individual using the most up-to-date materials and techniques. Because this is carried out in-house it is typically possible to supply your orthoses within 7 days of assessment.

How much will it cost?


The cost of supply of prescription foot orthoses is £140.00

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