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Clinics Held at Fontwell Physio

The Foot & Ankle and Gait Assessment clinics are held exclusively in the recently built gym at Fontwell Physio.

The first class facilities available here provide a perfect environment for patient assessment. The spacious gym has ideal facilities for patient examination and observation of over-ground walking. The treadmill is perfect for more detailed observation and slow motion video recording of walking and running gait.


Being based within a multi-clinician physiotherapy and musculoskeletal facility ensures easy referral to a range of highly skilled and experienced clinicians. Patient hand-over between services is quick and easy. Together with this and the good communication that exists between clinicians ensures patients receive the most appropriate onward referral and treatment.

Referral to other professional associates can also be made, notably when further investigations including diagnostic imaging or an orthopaedic opinion is thought to be beneficial.

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