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Clinical Background

Ian qualified as a podiatrist from the School of Podiatry at the University of Salford in 1988.  After gaining experience in a range of podiatry clinics he specialised in musculoskeletal podiatry work. This brought him to the south coast in 1991 where he gained experience working in the NHS and private sectors and worked with a number of specialist physiotherapists and orthotists together with rheumatology, radiology and orthopaedic consultants. 


Ian was keen to continue in education, gaining a Teaching Certificate, a BSc Honours degree and eventually in 2005 a PhD in Biomechanics studying assessment and measurement techniques of the foot and ankle. Throughout this time and since he has maintained contact with local universities and remains as a guest lecturer at the University of Chichester.


Ian now continues in private practice with weekly clinics held exclusively at Fontwell Physio and is keen to maintain the best possible services in musculoskeletal podiatry work.

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