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Musculoskeletal Foot & Ankle Assessment

Who might come to the Foot and Ankle Clinic?


You may have developed pain, swelling or stiffness that affects your daily activities, work or recreational sport. Typically, anybody with pain from the ankle, beneath the heel, the arch or the ball of the foot would attend the clinic. You may be aware that you or your child have feet that  appear to be ‘flat’ or that the ‘arches have dropped’

Why might this be useful?


By working up a clear diagnosis of your particular problem it will be possible to direct the most appropriate treatment. Whether you have recent and acute symptoms or a more long-standing problem it should be possible to arrive at a treatment plan for you. This may range from specific advice regarding your activities and footwear, prescription of foot orthoses, referral on for physiotherapy or referral on for an orthopaedic opinion.


What is involved?


Starting with a detailed history taking of your symptoms, how they came about, risk factors, relevant medical history and daily activities. The session continues with a physical examination and testing of the structure and integrity of your feet and ankles.


Your foot posture while standing is assessed and any abnormalities related to how you stand, walk and their relevance to your injury can be identified and discussed.


If foot orthoses are indicated from your examination you will be assessed further to ensure the correct and most comfortable prescription of orthoses for you. 

Who will carry out the assessment?


The assessment and prescription of orthoses will be carried out by Dr Ian Robinson, a podiatrist with extensive experience in musculoskeletal disorders of the foot and ankle.

How much will it cost?


The cost of assessment, advice and prescription of orthoses if indicated is £57.00

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